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Double effect with GetWin - win and retain new customers


We make sure that interested parties find your flyer not only in the mailbox but also on the smartphone. This step into digitalization is crucial for even more successful flyer campaigns and you automatically benefit from the trend towards mobile marketing. Vouchers that are printed in flyers are often lost or forgotten. With GetLeads you connect your offer with the smartphone of your customers. The e-voucher includes your logo, address, phone number, social media pages and the opening hours and value of your voucher. After scanning, the system immediately sends the e-voucher to the interested party. The customer will be reminded again after some time of the e-voucher. This "stupefaction" has a major impact on the conversion rate of vouchers. While serving your customers in the store, we push your e-voucher on our website, Facebook and Instagram. The viral distribution of your offer guarantees you a longer range. Try it. This is how vouchers are brought into circulation today, from offline to online with a reminder function, feedback and viral distribution.

GetWin is suitable for both online and offline marketing measures

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Classic Flyer
Our tip: Look for flyer distribution companies or students in your region. Or ask a DJ to have the back of the flyer printed for you.

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