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GetVote 3rd Edition - In-house feedback solution with WhatsApp recommendation


Light up the turbo with GetVote 3rd Edition - the most ingenious feedback solution that puts all other solutions in the shade! There are one to ten fields available for questions. The questions can be changed on the fly during an active campaign. We recommend a maximum of four questions - after the user has given his feedback, he can recommend the business to a friend! At one of our clients we have a follow-up recommendation every three minutes, 400 recommendations per week, 1600 recommendations per month. No other tool can achieve such outstanding numbers as GetVote's 3rd Edition Edition of GetLeads. GetVote 3rd Edition has digitized word-of-mouth recommendation. GetVote 3 makes mouth-to-mouth easier.


Biturbo effect with GetWin - GetVote 3rd Edition can be paired with GetWin


How does it work?

User scans the QR code, verifies its email address, provides feedback on your questions and recommends your business. Everything without app, without paper and without hardware installation.


How do we start a campaign?

Once we have your questions set up in the system - it can start immediately. Have your A5, A4, or A3 flyers stolen in your store. Your customers, members, partners, friends scan the flyer, give feedback on the questions through the number of stars. We keep the feedbacks in the system, they will not go out. After three months, you can order the rating or publish it on your website. Who does not want to ask their own feedback questions to their customers?

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